Welcome to all Rotary Coaches!  Thank you for volunteering your time and talent in helping to raise up kids that know the sport of basketball and have fun playing it.  There are some documents and information listed here that will help you as you go through the season.

Gym Rules:

  • Door will be opened 15 minutes prior to practice
  • No practice prior to arrival of coach(es)
  • No one else at practice other than team members
  • If you leave during practice you are out and cannot enter that practice again
    • No running in and out of the building
  • No bouncing balls in the halls
    • No roaming the halls or entering classrooms
    • Stay our of lockers
  • No propping door(s) open to the outside
  • Coaches are responsible if restrooms are trashed
  • Parent(s) are to police areas during games
  • Replace chairs after use
  • Please stay off the stages

Summit Specific Gym Rules:

The Summit Medical Fitness Gym Rules

Guest Age Guidelines Rev5.18 Member Facility Guidelines Based on ages

Guest Age Guidelines Rev5.18

St. Matthews Specific Gym Rules:

  • Street shoes not allowed on the gym floor
  • No food or drink in the gym!
    • These items can be left just outside the gym door
  • Use the east entrance only

St. Matthews Gym Rules  Gym Rules


For a simple to use score sheet for the older grades click on the button below and print off as needed.

Score Sheet  Scoresheet


If you have a school that needs Proof of Insurance you can download and bring the following form to them, or email it to them.

Bigfork   2018-2019 Bigfork

Cayuse Prairie   2018-2019 Cayuse Prairie

Columbia Falls  2018 Columbia Falls

Evergreen  2018 Evergreen

Fairmont Egan  2018-2019 Fairmont Egan

Helena Flats  2018 Helena Flats

Kalispell SD5  2018-2019 Kalispell District 5

Somers   2018-2019 Somers

Summit Medical   2018-2019 Summit Medical

Whitefish  2018-2019 Whitefish


All coaches need to fill out a background check form and return to Kalispell Rotary for verification.

Background Check Form  Background Check Form